Student Well Being

Pastoral care and Well-Being are integral to the fabric of the Catholic School. Jesus’ ministry of caring, especially for the vulnerable and marginalised this is a foundation stone of Catholic Schools.

St Joseph’s Catholic College take this part of the mandate of being a Catholic School very seriously.  All members of the community are cared for and their well-being is of  paramount importance.  We believe if students feel well cared for, they are more likely to achieve all aspects of school life.

The College’s School Wide Positive Behaviour Program, underpins pastoral care.  Behaviours are explicitly taught and in the Secondary school are backed up by the Student Merit System (SMS), where students earn merit points.

Pastoral care and well-being is provided for at all levels, from the home room teacher, the College Counsellor  the Assistant and Deputy Principal, the Principal and the Well-Being Committee.

It is vital to our belief in caring for the whole student that St Joseph’s Catholic College currently offers a range of well-being programs to all students. These include:

Kids Matters/Mind Matters is an Australia wide mental health and wellbeing program that is integrated into the primary & secondary Curriculum, by providing students, parents and staff with the resources and support to nurture happy, balanced students.

Rainbows is a Grief and Loss support that guides students from 3 – 18-year-old through personal difficulties that the have or are experiencing. Children that have suffered through the loss of a parent or family member, divorce or separation, domestic violence or parent on military deployment are some of the examples of how Rainbows can support children through their emotional journey.

We have a trained Rainbows Director on site to incorporate the program and train new staff facilitators.

You can Do It and SenseAbilty are school-based programs that provide the building blocks to develop resilience and relationships with others, tools to understand our emotional sense of self and how to deal effectively with everyday childhood stresses.

Counsellor services are  provided for student well-being through the services of Catholic Care Counselling.  Students have access to a school-based counsellor two days a week.Families can also engage  Catholic Care Counselling Services  for family counselling.

Parent education and support is provided through parenting nights and the College newsletter.

The College’s ‘Well-being’ team also provides advice and support across the college.  This is achieved through the School wide positive behaviour program and the use of ‘Restorative Practices’ when dealing with behavioural issues. Staff also engage in regular professional development to keep abreast of current Mental Health Practices.