(Defence School Mentor)

Hello, my name is Tammy Taylor and I’m the Defence School Mentor (DSM) at St Joey’s. My husband and I are happy to be posted back to Katherine/Tindal, and I’m very pleased to be the DSM for the second time at St Joey’s.

My role at the College is to provide information, support and develop a range of activities for your children building social skills, integration and resilience etc. Recess Programs, Classroom support, ShineGirl Program, Rock & Water Program, Rainbows Program (Seasons $ Growth). Assist families to ease the impact of mobility and service related parental absence. Promote and highlight needs that children from ADF may within the school community, i.e. increased deployment, training exercises.


Please don’t hesitate to contact your DSM via College Office, Ph. 08 89723555 or email: tammy.taylor@nt.catholic.edu.au