Welcome to St Joseph’s College 2018 school year.

Hello, my name is Tammy Taylor and I am the Defence School Transition Aide (DSTA). My husband and I are happy to be posted back to Katherine/Tindal, and I’m very pleased to be the DSTA at ST Joseph’s College for the second time.


I am excited to explore more of the Territory and hopefully catch a big Barra and just like you I’m working on making new friends. I’m glad we get to do this journey together and I get to support you and your children here at St Joseph’s College.


Our family has journeyed two deployments and many, many exercises over our 26 years of defence service, I do understand the stress and loneliness family can feel through these times.


D Club/ hangout are great ways for your children to build friendships, be encouraged while having fun.


Defence Kids Club Program commencing week 7:


Monday – Transition/ Grade 1/Grade 2  (recess)


Wednesday – Grade 3/Grade 4/Grade 5/ (recess)


Senior Defence Hangout Program commencing week 7:


Friday – Grade 6/ Senior’s (recess)



Please feel free to contact me by phoning College Office, email: tammy.taylor@nt.catholic.edu.au or visit me at school.