Board, Parents and Friends

St Joseph’s College Board is an Advisory Committee. It has the task of assisting the Principal, Parish Priest and staff in ensuring the school operates effectively as a Catholic School.

Functions of the Board are to:

  • advise the Principal by providing advice, experience and expertise;
  • assist the Principal to develop, formulate and review College Policies;
  • assist the Principal in development of structures helpful to determining future needs of the College;
  • assist with the forward planning of the capital development of the College;
  • assist the Principal in the appointment of members of staff where requested.
  • assist the Principal in the appraisal of members of staff where requested.
  • assist in the development of appropriate policies regarding the level, collection and remission of College fees;
  • assist in the formulation of the annual budget and the developing of priorities within the budget;
  • assist in the development of appropriate enrolment policies;
  • assist, in accordance with Diocesan guidelines, in the selection of a lay Principal and/or lay Assistant Principal when such appointment is being made;
  • provide and ensure appropriate pastoral care for the Principal;
  • following the guidelines and directions pertaining to School Boards issued by the Catholic Education office;
  • assist in fostering the school involvement with the parish and local community;
  • oversee the establishment of Sub-Committees of the College and monitor their effectiveness in the College (such Sub-Committees shall appoint their own officers and determine their own policies under the co-ordination of the College Board);
  • undertake any other matters as referred by the College Principal;
  • hold an annual review of its operations during the meeting prior to the Annual General Meeting.

College Board Membership

There are three categories of Board membership: ex officio, elected and co-opted. Members serve for a two year term. A maximum of three terms may be served.

  • Ex-Officio Members
    • Parish Priest
    • Principal
  • Elected Members
    • Six (6) members shall be elected annually. All of these elected members shall be parents/guardians of children currently enrolled at the school at the time of their election.
    • A member of staff will be re-elected annually by the whole College Staff for a maximum of two consecutive years.
  • Co-opted Members
    • A delegate nominated by the College’s Parents and Friends Association.
    • If required, up to four (4) co-opted members, endorsed by the Chairperson and the ex-officio members, who have special areas of expertise not already represented on the Board, and who have an interest in the College’s welfare. The term of appointment will normally be for two years.
    • The Board may fill any casual vacancies by co-option for the remainder of the term.

School Board Elections

New Members
Three elected board members may retire annually and new members elected at the AGM.

Retiring Members
May be re-elected but not hold office for more than six consecutive years.

Meetings are held on the Second Wednesday of each month.

Current Board membership:

Executive Officer – Denis Graham

Chairperson – Gordon Atkinson

President – Fr Jimmy

Secretary – Sarah Bretherton

Parent Rep – Rhiannon Robinson

Parent Rep – David Flood

Parent Rep – Katherine Morrow

Parent Rep – Jonathan Baldock

Parent Rep – James Stewart

Co-Opted Members

Sunniva Antonucci – Deputy Principal

Rowena Irlam – Finance Manager

Jenny Duggan

St Joseph’s Catholic College copy of the constitution can be open from below link or contact the school on 08 8972 355 for a copy.

St Joseph’s Catholic College Constitution 2018

Parents and Friends

The St Joseph’s Parents and Friends’ Association is a subsidiary committee of the College Board.  All parents and guardians are most welcome to attend. Please contact the office for meeting dates.

The Association exists to:

  • Organise functions for social staff interactions.
  • Fundraise for various College projects.
  • Assist with the development of facilities for students.

The role that is often seen to be the most obvious for the Association is that of fundraising. It is indeed true that the school is significantly supported by this group’s fundraising activities.