Middle School classes, which include Year 7, 8 and 9, work to ACARA Guidelines for the Australian Curriculum. Students and staff work very closely with the Senior School as our aim is to prepare students for success in further study in Senior classes and for tertiary studies beyond their time at St Joseph’s Catholic College.

Students in Middle School study:





Religious Education

Physical Education



Outdoor Education

Design and Technology

Food Technology


Life Skills

 In addition to their classes, students may have an opportunity to participate in additional programs such as:

 Duke of Edinburgh

Tournament of Mind

Energy Challenges


Science programs

Community Radio

Community Production

Red Cross

Vinnies Conference


Year 7 students will attend a camp to Darwin where they will explore our city and build relationships with staff and peers. They will have an opportunity to challenge themselves and test their limits, getting to know what they are capable of and learn about who they are and what they would like to achieve in their time at St Joseph’s Catholic College.

Year 9 students will travel to the boarder of the NT and WA to visit Kununurra. There they will explore the Lake Argyle area, camping, swimming, bushwalking and much more. They will reflect on their time in Middle School and prepare for what is yet to come as part of Senior School. In Year 9, students are encouraged to consider their future pathways as the subjects they choose in Year 10 can open up opportunities and shape their plans for what they may do after high school.

Our camps are about team building and building relationships. At St Joseph’s Catholic College, we believe that positive relationships help us to manage other aspects of our lives and impact on how well students engage within classes.