Service Information

Approved Provider:                                         Catholic Church of the Diocese of Darwin Property Trust

Approved Provider Number:                       PR-00001248

Approved Service Name:                              Little Joey’s Early Learning Centre

Service Approval Number:                           SE-00002507

Nominated Supervisor:                                 Mr Denis Graham, Prescribed Class: Principal

Current Rating:                                                  Little Joey’s Early Learning Centre has been rated as Meeting the National Quality Standard, this was issued by Quality Education and Care NT (QECNT) on the 19th December 2016

Licensed No of Children:                               44 children

                                                                                ABN: 59 349 106 472

                                                                                CRN 407 361 752S


Director:                                                              Denis Graham

Assistant Director:                                          Rachelle Balfour-Quinn

Educational Leader:                                      Rachelle Balfour-Quinn



Please direct all complaints to:

Rachelle Balfour-Quinn, Assistant Director

Little Joey’s Early Learning Centre

St Joseph’s Catholic College, 08 89 72 3555


Or via mail

PO BOX 535, Katherine NT 0850


Compliance Officer:        Quality Education and Care, NT

Mitchell Street, DARWIN

Postal address: GPO Box 4821, DARWIN NT 0801

Tel:  (08) 8999 3561

Fax: (08) 8999 5677