Principal’s message

Welcome to the St Joseph’s Catholic College website.

I became  principal of St Joseph’s Catholic College in 2013. I have  a passion for teaching and learning and a desire to provide students at St Joseph’s with the exact opportunities they would receive in any high performing school in Australia. The College leadership encourages innovative teaching to ensure students are fully engaged and prepared for the exciting challenges that come with the digital age. We aim to offer a vibrant, broad based Australian curriculum with multiple entry points for students into tertiary studies and employment.

We are a faith filled learning community where students have an opportunity to discover their spirituality and model their daily words and actions on Jesus. What pleases our parents and students the most is our strong focus on pastoral care for individual students, where the individual is recognised for their uniqueness.

Some of the College’s greatest attributes are its serene setting but importantly for prospective enrolments, you are reassured that the vision for this learning community can be realised through having  a stable, experienced  and committed teaching team. The team offers a broad range of rich teaching experiences, are well qualified and open to ongoing  personal learning and professional growth.

If you are moving to Katherine or its region, St Joseph’s Catholic College offers families an education experience on the one site from Little Joeys (2 1/2 -5 year old) all the way to Year 12. You are always most welcome to ring the College to arrange a tour and find out more about us. Alternatively you might like to visit our very popular Facebook site where you can view photos and recent events.

The mission statement of the College seeks to challenge students to develop strength in the areas of Respect Relationships and Resilience.  We are committed to understanding the social and emotional needs of each student in striving to educate the ‘whole person’, as it is when students feel safe and valued that they are able to contribute to our community and realise their full potential. My mantra is collaboration to bring teachers, students and parents and community into a genuine education partnership.

Denis Graham